ReMake:: bike seat

Currently, Jessica has a hard plastic (that has been slightly consumed by mice) RED bike seat. Which when your going on bike ride that are more than an hour, more than 20 mins, really takes a toll on your rear end. So, last winter, after seeing a poorly cared for bike seat that was squishy, and my rear was just begging for it. I kept my eye on it, and as fall came and went it grew icicles, and had piles of snow on it... obviously they weren't biking, or cared about it, Wisconsin winters arn't nice to bikes... if you love your bike, you'll keep it inside. I was just offering it a safe, warm home....Six months later, it was lopping off the side of the bike, and had a big ol' hole in it... now it caused more dam
age than anything else. The squish still had some good life, it was just the outside that was causing some problems. I
was not going to throw it away.. why not just re-cover it and make it match my bike anyhow? I mean, the black never went very well with my red bike.

For the life of me, I couldn't find a tutorial how to go about doing this... so makeshifting it in hopes it works. H
heres how I did it :)

So nice big hole, and kind of saggy sac looking shape? Yeah, not working too well.

Next. Trim off black top stuff. Low and behold, the squishy stuff is falling off.. The best thing to do? Get out the gorilla glue and glue it back into place.

Now, take that flappy black thing, and trace it to transfer onto my fabric.

So now, time to assemble!!
Sew, tuck in edges, sew, drop needle,stop the dog from eating seat, feed dog pizza to keep him occupied, sew.

DONE!! Now to put on a bike!

And here it is..
Looking red, and amazing. Check out the sweet knitted handle bars that are almost done.

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